Best Online Casinos at the Global Scope

What do you associate a casino with? Luxury and opulence, an exquisite dress code and a wealthy public – all this has long made gambling establishments attractive for gamblers. But now, in the digital age, offline casinos are having a tough time as online gambling platforms are stepping on their heels. Of course, such sites will not be able to 100% convey the exclusive atmosphere of the same Vegas casinos, but due to the combination of the talent of game designers, modern technologies and the comfort that online casinos provide to players, their popularity is steadily growing.

In the UK alone, the online gambling market has grown by 300% in recent years. And all over the world it becomes even more impressive. The list of countries where gambling establishments are prohibited is steadily decreasing, which also plays into the hands of online casino operators.

World Leaders in the Gambling Industry

Speaking about specific countries, the USA, Australia and Canada are considered to be the real market leaders. It is here that the largest developers of slots and table games are concentrated, large companies that manage global gaming platforms, and they set the tone for the entire market. For example, it is these operators who are behind the trend for high welcome bonuses for players.

European Online Casino Market

However, Europe is also not lagging behind. Today, the number of active users of online casinos in European countries has far exceeded the 10 million mark. In addition, users not only gamble but also form their own community, where online slots and games offered by online casinos become a common theme. Forums and pages on social networks, review platforms such as and reviews on the gaming sites themselves – all this stirs up interest and allows you to form an opinion about each operator.

European casinos also win in terms of the deposit/win ratio. So, the return rate for them is very high – it is 0.93. In comparison, in other regions, returns are much lower.

How Do Online Casinos Attract Players?

Of course, it is an excitement that attracts every gambler! They also allow players to be themselves: not strive to show themselves better and more experienced, not stand out with a stylish look or a wad of money in their wallet. There is a game for everyone on the Internet. And you don’t need to look for a casino nearby as online gambling blurs the boundaries, it allows everyone to experience an unforgettable atmosphere of risk and excitement simply by picking up a smartphone or downloading a browser on a desktop device.